Global History and Area Histories

  • Stefan Rinke (Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c., Freie Universität Berlin)
  • Frederik Schulze (Dr., University of Münster)


The article traces the relationship between Latin American history and global history and argues that both fields serve an important bridging function for each other. While Latin American history can help to overcome the opposition between global history and historical area studies, global history can contribute to reconciling Latin American history with the parent discipline by integrating Latin America as an integral part of a global historiography. Due to its interdependencies and hybrid history, already established in the early modern era, Latin America is especially fruitful for global historical questions.

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Rinke, S., & Schulze, F. (2019). Global History avant la lettre. The Historiography on Latin America between Regional Studies and Global Challenges. Comparativ, 29(2), 20-35.