Die Verwandlung der Weltgeschichtsschreibung

Empirische Erträge, konzeptionelle Debatten, neue Synthesen

  • Matthias Middell
  • Katja Naumann


Global History 2008–2010: Empirical results, conceptual debates and new synthesis

Since the late 1980s world and global history is on its current road to success within the discipline of history and has thus invited for comments, which have been made from different angles. This article continues these accompanying, reflective voiced by both limiting itself and enlarging the perspective. It is confined narrowly since it focuses on the developments of the last three years while it simultaneously takes into consideration a broader spectre of publication compared to other review articles. At its centre is the observation of a double trend: on the one hand a revival of large syntheses takes place, reflecting the interest of a wider audience global interpretation of the past as a preliminary to understand the present (and these including publications designed for teaching at the Bachelor and Master level); on the other hand in terms of research an “empirical turn” has asserted itself, more and more world and global history is published in specialized monographs. Added to that the article notices an increasing number of workshops, multilateral research groups and academic journals with an internationally composed authorship, which reminds that world and global history today is evolving as a transnational practice and in doing so is forerunner in the future course of the academic historiography and neighbouring discipline.

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Middell, M., & Naumann, K. (2010). Global History 2008–2010:. Comparativ, 20(6), 93-133. https://doi.org/10.26014/j.comp.2010.06.06

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