Editorial Team

Comparativ is jointly edited by Matthias Middell (since 1991) and Hannes Siegrist (since 2004). The editors prepare the annual conference of the editorial board and evaluate incoming proposals for thematic issues as well as invite scholars for new and promising themes to be explored in an upcoming issue.

The editorial office is headed by Katja Naumann (since 2004), and she is supported by Patricia Ulbricht as secretary of the editorial board. The editorial office manages the peer-review process and coordinates with the advisory board. It also organizes mutual undertaking between Comparativ and Connections. The latter is an e-journal providing research articles and information about recent publications, academic events, and research initiatives in history, geography, and the various area studies that address border-transcending processes and is also published on behalf of ENIUGH in cooperation with a series of research institutes across Europe.

The editorial office is connected to the ENIUGH headquarters and located at the Centre for Area Studies at Leipzig University.


Editorial Board

The board consists of scholars representing different facets of the editorial strategy of Comparativ as well as helps the editors to select innovative topics and approaches for future issues. An annual editorial conference reviews the submitted proposals and discusses recent developments in the field of transnational, transregional, and global history in order to identify trends not yet covered sufficiently by the international scholarly community of global historians.



Gerald Diesener (Leipzig)

Andreas Eckert (Berlin)

Ulf Engel (Leipzig)

Harald Fischer-Tiné (Zurich)

Marc Frey (Munich)

Eckhardt Fuchs (Brunswick)

Frank Hadler (Leipzig)

Silke Hensel (Münster)

Madeleine Herren (Basel)

Michael Mann (Berlin)

Astrid Meier (Beirut)

Katharina Middell (Leipzig)

Ursula Rao (Leipzig)

Dominic Sachsenmaier (Göttingen)

Stefan Troebst (Leipzig)

Michael Zeuske (Cologne)


Review Editorial Board

The review section is under the responsibility of a group of scholars representing different fields of global history. The review editors suggest new publications from their corresponding field of research for review in Comparativ and help to select reviewers with different scholarly and cultural backgrounds.. The board of review editors meets four times a year.



Gilad Ben Nun (international organizations and human rights)

Geert Castryck (history of Africa, colonization and urban history)

Lena Dallywater (Eastern Europe in its global relations)

Antje Dietze (transatlantic space, Francophone and German speaking regions, cultural history)

Steffi Marung (history of the EU and European integration, Cold War, research on borders and space)

Megan Maruschke (transatlantic history of revolutions)

Uwe Müller (economic history of the 19th and 20the century, with focus on Central and East Central Europe)

Katja Naumann (history of international organizations and global governance, transregional dimensions of East Central Europe, history of humanities, and area studies)

Adam Skordos: (history of international relations and international law, history of the Balkans)

Jan Zofka (history of the Soviet Union, China and state socialism with focus on wars an civil wars)


Advisory Board

The advisory board connects the journal with the overall strategy of ENIUGH and supports the editorial team in guaranteeing the quality of the journal. Members of the advisory board are themselves involved in the peer-review process and advise how to best implement it.



Nadia Al-Bagdadi (Budapest)

Stefano Bellucci (Leiden/Amsterdam)

Zaur Gasimov (Istanbul)

Michael Geyer (Chicago)

Giovanni Gozzini (Siena)

Margarete Grandner (Vienna)

Konrad H. Jarausch (Chapel Hill)

Hartmut Kaelble (Berlin)

Markéta Krížová (Prague)

Wolfgang Küttler (Berlin)

Marcel van der Linden (Amsterdam)

Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink (Saarbrücken)

Mikhail Lipkin (Moscow)

Barbara Lüthi (Cologne)

Attila Melegh (Budapest)

Shahin Mustafayev (Baku)

Antonella Romano (Paris) 

Hagen Schulz-Forberg (Aarhus)

Sujit Sivasundaram (Cambridge)

Alessandro Stanziani (Paris)

Edoardo Tortarolo (Turin)

Eric Vanhaute (Ghent)

Holger Weiss (Turku)

Susan Zimmermann (Budapest)