Portals of Globalization in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

The African Union Commission and its Peace and Security Policies

  • Ulf Engel


With a view to analyze the changing spatialities of power and shifting sovereignties in current processes of globalization, this text investigates the headquarters of the African Union. It does so through the lens of portals of globalization and a focus on () new, dense practices emerging in response to experiences in the ield of peace and security; (2) newly established social spaces of communication, and (3) forms of cultural learning, creativity, and innovation emanating from this condition. The case study on the African Union and its partnership with the United Nations demonstrates that such an approach could add value to the understanding of international organizations and their role at the centre of managing the reterritorialization of contemporary processes of globalization.

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Engel, U. (2017). Headquarters of International Organizations as Portals of Globalization:. Comparativ, 27(3-4), 151-170. https://doi.org/10.26014/j.comp.2017.03/04.09

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