The Political Meaning of “Police Assistance” in Afghanistan between the 1950s and 1970s

Following World War II, the Afghan government asked the Federal republic of Germany for German police advisors, initiating the longest period of German-Afghan “technical collaboration” within the field of police assistance. This period came to an end in the aftermath of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Based on archival resources from the Political Archive of the Federal foreign Office, this article analysis the performative construction of German police assistance for the period between 1952 and 1979 and discusses this type of “technical collaboration” by drawing on analytical insights from the field of “translation studies”. It is argued that the political meaning of police assistance was more based upon abstract theoretical assumptions regarding development and social transformations processes than on an evaluation of the content, objectives and impact of this form of technical collaboration.

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20. March 2018

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Ostermeier, L. (2018). Die politische Bedeutung von „Polizeihilfe“ in Afghanistan zwischen den fünfziger und siebziger Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts. Comparativ, 22(3), 50-64. Retrieved from https://www.comparativ.net/v2/article/view/1701