Travelling Things

Einleitende Überlegungen zu Dingen auf Wanderungen

  • Barbara Lüthi
  • Silvan Niedermeier
  • You Jae Lee


During the last decades the privileging of human beings as autonomous historical actor and
main shaper of his environment has been under attack. Things have received more attention
as co-producers of agency. The empirical focus on things also sharpens the view for the constitution
of often unexpected connections between local, national and global spaces of action.
Objects are understood as things with “global trajectories,” which open space for interactions
beyond cultural and geographical boundaries. They accumulate meaning on their travels, are
triggers for human communication across borders and at the same time are entangled in the
formation of global asymmetries. At the heart of the ve case studies stand the constitutive role
of material culture for the construction of social relations, of power processes, and the world in
its transnational and transcultural dimension.

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21. March 2019

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