Travelling Things – Dinge auf Wanderungen

  • Jadwiga E. Pieper Mooney


The contribution frames the “intrauterine devices“ (IUDs) as “travelling objects,” which were debated and negotiated at conferences and in doctor’s oces on a global scale. It also sheds light on the political and gendered power structures between the “men of science” and “women in need,” especially concerning the introduction and usage of the IUDs. Whereas the IUDs were developed by male experts in North and Latin America in the context of the Cold War with the main aim of population control, the women’s demands for this new form of contraception pointed to their ardent desire to control their own body. The chapter therefore also illustrates the “embodiedness” and close relation of things to the body.

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Pieper Mooney, J. E. (2018). Of “Zipper Rings” and “Tatum Ts”, Chile – USA: Intrauterine Devices, Men of Science, and Women in Need. Comparativ, 28(3), 14-32.