Recognizing Eurasia

  • Chris Hann (Director, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle/ Saale, and Fellow, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge)


Presenting both macro- and micro-level approaches, exploring maritime as well as terrestrial networks of communication, and investigating diverse forms of political society from the agrarian empires of the ancient world to the People’s Republic of China in our era, the essays in this special issue are brought together in a frame that counters the continuing weight of Eurocentrism by drawing attention to long-term connectivities and commonalities across Eurasia. The authors (representing multiple nationalities and theoretical traditions) work in Social Anthropology, Area Studies, History and (Historical and Political) Sociology.

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Hann, C. (2018). Recognizing Eurasia. Comparativ, 28(4), 7–13.