Africa’s Transregional Conflicts

  • Ulf Engel (Professor of Politics in Africa at the Institute of African Studies, Leipzig University)


Transregional conflicts – this collection of articles introduces this new analytical category for the study of a specfic group of violent conflicts in Africa while providing perspectives on possible resolutions. Ontologically, this proposed category is distinct from broader, more fuzzy terms such as “international”, “transnational”, or “global”. And epistemologically it implies a different understanding of the way in which transregional conflicts such as, for instance, the ones around
the Lake Chad Basin, the Great Lakes region, or the Horn of Africa can be studied. Accordingly, this category of transregional conflicts: leaves the silos of the traditional organization of knowledge, with its division between different areas as studied through area studies (as opposed to the so-called systematic disciplines), and rather engages in cross- and transdisciplinary exercises to unpack the way how “regions” are socially constructed.

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Engel, U. (2018). Africa’s Transregional Conflicts. Comparativ, 28(6), 7–25.