Global History and Area Histories

  • Christian Büschges (Prof. Dr., University of Bern)


The essays in this special issue focus on the complex relationship between regional expertise and global perspectives in historical writing. While early approaches to global history have been criticized often for presenting a regionally unbalanced and all too harmonious narrative of an ever more interconnected world, the traditional academic and historiographical distinction between different world regions has impeded more often than not comparative approaches and perspectives of entanglements that cross imagined spatial boundaries. Originating in several lectures organized by the Center of Global Studies of the University of Bern in 2015, the revised papers of four specialists on specific world regions (Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe) address the chances and challenges that global history approaches have brought to regional historical research. Further two contributions by colleagues working in the field of global history offer their reflections on how regional diversity can or should be reflected within global history approaches.

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Büschges, C. (2019). Global History and the History of World Regions: An Inventory of German-Language Research. Comparativ, 29(2), 7-19.