Empires reconfigured

  • Yaruipam Muivah
  • Alessandro Stanziani


This article stresses the interrelations in terms of the circulation of ideas and the economic and social dynamics between various core and frontiers of the French and the British Empires in Asia and Africa. In taking the case of Manipur and North-East India, on the one hand, French Congo on the other hand, the question of slavery, free labor, and disputed sovereignties will be discussed. From this perspective, the making of a periphery was conceived and practised at the interstices of empires rather than as an opposition between the mainland core and its colonies.

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Muivah, Y., & Stanziani, A. (2019). Forced Labour at the Frontier of Empires: Manipur and the French Congo, 1890–1914. Comparativ, 29(3), 41-64. https://doi.org/10.26014/j.comp.2019.03.03