Nationale Unterschiede im westeuropäischen Massenkonsum.

Großbritannien, Frankreich, Deutschland und Italien 1950–1970

  • Manuel Schramm


National Differences in Western European Mass Consumption. Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy, 1950–1970

The article takes issue with the notions of “Americanization” and “Europeanization” of mass consumption in the period following World War II. It is argued that, for this period, processes of Americanization and globalization have been overestimated. Even where influence from the outside made itself felt, it took different forms in different countries. The article examines the following dimensions of mass consumption: motorization, domestic equipment, advertising, retail trade and nutrition, and consumers´ organizations. Because developments in these fields attenuated regional and social divisions within countries, the national cultures became actually more homogenous. The transition to mass consumption was a distinctively national experience which helps to explain the resistance to globalization processes since the 1970s.

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Schramm, M. (2009). Nationale Unterschiede im westeuropäischen Massenkonsum.: Großbritannien, Frankreich, Deutschland und Italien 1950–1970. Comparativ, 19(6), 69–85.