Der Deutsche Germanistenverband –

eine „Fachgenossenschaft“ im Zielkonflikt

  • Myriam Isabell Richter
  • Hans-Harald Müller


Deutscher Germanistenverband: An Academic Association in a Conflict of Objectives

From its inauguration in 1912 until 1933 the DGV resembled an ideological society successfully pursuing anti-modern nationalistic goals in the area of educational and school policy with modern methods. At best, it might be said to have only marginally fulfilled the role of an academic association for the field of study. While it did not actively seek to join the National Socialist movement, it did not resist it either. Only since its annually held conference in966 has the DGV started to deal with its past and subsequently reformed the association’s activities rigorously to become a modern academic association. What remains problematic today, is the fact that the DGV represents both the interests of German scholars from higher education and those of school teachers of German – which in fact frequently diverge from each other – and therefore, due to internal differentiation, is in danger of being reduced to being an umbrella association.

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Richter, M. I., & Müller, H.-H. (2015). Der Deutsche Germanistenverband –: eine „Fachgenossenschaft“ im Zielkonflikt. omparativ, 25(1), 36–49.