Since 1991, Comparativ has been devoted to innovative approaches in transnational, transregional, and global history that not only focus on the global condition emerging since the nineteenth century but also analyse former processes of transregional interaction. 

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Vol 28 No 1 (2018): Entstehung und Entwicklung transnationaler Kommunikationsräume in Europa zu Kriegszeiten, 1914-1945

The thematic issue is devoted to the influence of war on the emergence of new transnational communication spheres and experiences during the first half of the 20th century in Europe. While the interstate and civil wars during this period stand generally for a withdrawal to national or nationalistic positions, we can simultaneously observe increasing intertwining and convergence of European experiences that strengthened transnational references and networks during times of existential insecurity and threat. The case studies presented here reveal the importance, for the study of such references and networks, of peripheral regions, detention camps, resistance and exile, the participation in collective cultural production and the construction of common infrastructure. In an exemplary manner, they o er evidence for the emergence of trans-European structures, convergences and public spheres during the rst half of the 20th century that remained not without conse- quences for later developments. Thus, the thematic issue’s intention is to propose approaches for a broken Europeanisation narrative, in which divergence appears as constitutive – and not only restraining – element. In this way, it calls for a stronger consideration of transnational influences in the historiography of European wars during the 20th century.

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22. October 2018

Carolina Rodriguez Lopez für H-Soz-Kult, 22.10.2018

Ausgabe 02/15: Transfer and Translation

Herausgegeben von Zaur Gasimov, Carl Antonius und Lemke Duque

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18. November 2017

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 8. Januar 2014

Ausgabe 02/13:  Globale Akteure an den Randzonen von Souveränität und Legitimität

Herausgegeben von Tanja Bührer, Markus Pöhlmann, Daniel Marc Segesse

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18. November 2017

Francia-Recensio, 2013/3

Ausgabe 04/12: 1812 in Russland - Erzählungen, Erfahrungen und Ereignis
Herausgegeben von Martina Winkler 

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