Transkulturelle Komparatistik. Beiträge zu einer Globalgeschichte der Vormoderne

  • Wolfram Drews


At nearly the same time the ruling dynasties changed both in the Frankish realm and in the Islamic caliphate around the middle of the 8th century. A detailed analysis of the religious and cultural conditions shows that rulers had to take into account the respective stages of institutionalization and canonization processes. A close comparative look at the political options open to historical contemporaries in different “cultures” or “civilizations” can make a substantial contribution towards conceptualizing transcultural historiography in global perspective.

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Drews, W. (2008). Die „Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen“ als Problem transkultureller historischer Komparatistik am Beispiel frühmittelalterlicher Herrschaftslegitimation. Comparativ, 18(3-4), 41-56.