The Fat Body and his Consumption in the Focus of Science and Politics in GDR and FRG In modern society, speaking about the body includes speaking about virtues like responsibility, discipline, efficiency and rationality as foundations of western societies. Insofar, the fat body is a political problem. The paper reconstructs the history of overweight in the GDR and FRG, which both had to face the problem. It analyses the discourse in regard to its function as an indicator of political communication. Doing so, it works out, how overweight was rated on both sides of the wall and which alternative models of consumption were developed and realized.

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Thoms, U. (2011). Der dicke Körper und sein Konsum im Visier von Wissenschaft und Politik in der DDR und der BRD. Comparativ, 21(3), 97-113. https://doi.org/10.26014/j.comp.2011.03.07