Doing culture under state-socialism: Actors, events and interconnections

Die Wurzeln der „Polnischen Schule der Plakatkunst“ in den 1950er Jahren

  • Jeannine Harder


Polish Film Posters from a Transnational Perspective. The Roots of the „Polish School of Poster“ in the 1950s. Through the example of post-war film posters, the article reveals how the reception of Polish poster art in non-socialist countries influenced, to some degree, the strategies of Polish foreign cultural policy and vice versa in the 1950s. Breaking with a nationally-oriented research tradition for poster art, the so called “Polish School of Poster Art” shall be understood as a transnational phenomenon, generated in the realm of (foreign) cultural politics and international graphic design and advertising. Regarding the production and reception of film posters of the “Polish School…” as an “histoire croisée”, the article analyses this visual material in the context of an international discourse on cinema advertising in the 1950s. At the same time, the Polish poster art is examined as a political instrument in shaping foreign relations with non-socialist countries.

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Harder, J. (2014). Polnische Filmplakate aus transnationaler Sicht. Comparativ, 24(4), 59-67.